Kristin Gayer
Room: 17
Class Site:
Elizabeth Lam
Room: 23
Class Site:
Anna Mollica
Room: 24
Class Site:
Elsa Yamamoto
Room: 18
Class Site:

Grade 1

Jodi Barbera
Room: 16
Class Site:
Jennifer Cundey
Room: 11
Class Site:
Laurie McKenna
Room: 13
Class Site:

Grade 2

Laurie Gurvis
Room: 22
Class Site:
Mark Mailander
Room: 25
Class Site:
Chris Maxwell
Room: 21
Class Site:
Johanna Williams
Room: 26
Class Site:

Grade 3

Jean Delonge
Room: 15
Class Site:
Hilary Lesiak
Room: 10
Class Site:
Eliza Robinson
Room: 14
Class Site:
Susan Williams
Room: 9
Class Site:

Grade 4

Christy Haga
Room: 2
Class Site:
Nynette Marceth
Room: 20
Class Site:
Loan Panza
Room: 4
Class Site:
Madeleine Walker
Room: 7
Class Site:

Grade 5

Cassie Hanohov
Room: 3
Class Site:
Sharon Tran
Room: 8
Class Site:
Jane Tsap
Room: 5
Class Site:
Madeleine Walker
Room: 7
Class Site:

Student Supply Lists for 2018-19

12 big, thick kindergarten pencils w/erasers
1 box of Crayola crayons (24pack) 
1-10 pack of Crayola classic colors, broad line
2-12 pack of Crayola TWISTABLE crayons
3 SOLID color PLASTIC or LAMINATED folders (red, blue and yellow only)
2 packages of baby wipes
2 packages of Lysol/Clorox wipes
2 black fine point Sharpie marker
2 boxes of tissues
2 bottle of hand soap
2 roll paper towels
10 glue sticks
2 bottle Elmer’s white glue
1 bottle of tacky glue (purchased at Lakeshore or Michael’s)
3 pink erasers
1 pair of scissors
1 non-disposable beverage bottle to be brought to school daily with water in their lunch box. 

2-2 Pocket Folders
2 Dozen Pencils
2 Pink Erasers
1 Box Colored Pencils
1 Package of Crayola Classic Markers
1 Package of Crayola Markers (Pastel, Bold or other variety)
2-24 pack boxes of Crayons
1 dozen glue sticks
1 plastic pencil box
1 pair of scissors
1 set of watercolors (8 or 12 count)
2 fine point black felt tip pens
2 boxes of tissue
4 rolls of paper towels
1 large container of cleaning wipes (seventh generation) or baby wipes (Lysol not good for the kids)  
Bring in bags on 1st day of school to classroom

2 boxes of #2 pencils (Ticonderoga is the best!)
2 rolls of paper towels
2 boxes of tissues
2 black ultra fine point Sharpies
2 black fine point Sharpies
1 highlighter
Clorox antibacterial wipes

2 boxes of Kleenex
1 small bottle of white glue
2 - 12 packs of #2 pencils (preferably Ticonderoga, presharpened)
1 homework pocket folder
2 packages of wide ruled loose leaf white notebook paper
2 rolls of paper towels
1 small plastic pencil box (to hold crayons/markers)(no larger than 8x5 inches)
1 pair of child’s Fiskar scissors (write child’s name on them with Sharpie)
1 highlighter

1- flash drive
2- packs pencils (preferably pre-sharpened Ticonderoga)
1- pencil box (no larger than 6”x 14”x 3”)
1- pencil sharpener (non-electric, small)*
1- set of colored pencils*
1- box of crayons (regular or Twistables) *
1- set of colored markers*
1- highlighter*
1- ultra fine point Sharpie (black)*
1- fine point Sharpies (black)*
1- pair scissors*
1- pack wide-ruled, lined paper
1- 2-pocket folder of your choice (for HW)
2- rolls paper towels
2- boxes facial tissues
BOYS:  1- container cleaning wipes
GIRLS: 1- container baby wipes
* Will ALL fit in pencil box

1 Spiral Lined Paper Notebook
1 Spiral graph Paper Notebook (Math Grid Paper)
1 Large Zipper Pouch (for School Supplies
3 Glue Sticks
1 Pair of Scissors
3 Ultra Fine Point Sharpies
3 Fine Point Sharpies
3 Black Pens
1 Eraser
1 12” Ruler
4 Two Pocket Folders
2 Highlighters
1 White Out (Correction Fluid)
2 Rolls of Scotch Tape
1 Pack of dividers
1 2: View 3-Ring Binder
1 Box of Tissues
1 Roll of Paper Towel
1 Protractor
1 Compass
1 Pair of Ear Phones
1 2GB Flashdrive
The Sign of the Beaver (Core Literature Book)
Maniac Magee (Core Literature Book)
The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle (Core Literature Book)
My Brother Sam Is Dead (Core Literature Book)
Bridge To Terabithia (Core Literature Book)
Crucial to have mastered multiplication facts!