It takes a village to continue to sustain Palisades Enrichment Programs (PEP) and to enable us to support our children with their social, emotional, and intellectual pursuits at Palisades Charter Elementary School.

What do we envision for our children during their formative elementary school years?

Do we see smaller classroom sizes and a lower classroom student to adult ratio?  PEP funds 2 FULL TIME TEACHERS AND 15 CLASSROOM AIDES!

Do we see mindful technology that enables students to learn to utilize these wonderful tools while at the same time helping them understand the importance of being good digital citizens, and do you see IT support that keeps our kids up and running? PEP funds both COMPUTER LAB with TEACHER VAL and IT SUPPORT by MR DAN!

Do we see tiny hands and inquisitive minds working in a collaborative environment to further develop creative problem solving skills, with a hands on, project based learning approach that uses high tech and no tech tools? PEP funds both THE PALI DESIGN LAB and its STAFFING!

Do we see them getting down in the dirt and peering at creatures that help our garden grow and working in a garden that instills in them an appreciation of farm-to-table, develops selling and marketing skills - all with a healthy dose of science? PEP funds THE DISCOVERY GARDEN with TEACHER JILLIAN!

Do we see a child letting their guard down to have fun and let their bodies wiggle away the pressures of their academic day? PEP funds K-3 MUSIC with TEACHER LAWRIE and 4-5 DRAMA with TEACHER KIKI!

Do we see the sunshine on their faces as they run, play, and learn healthy fitness habits? Do we see our children using the four agreements (Attentive Listening, Appreciations/No Put Downs, Mutual Respect, The Right to Pass/to Participate)? PEP funds PE and TRIBES with COACH KRIS and COACH MIKE!

Do we see them escaping to different worlds while they snuggle up with a book from our school library or having a place to take a reprieve from the hustle and bustle of the play yard at recess and lunch? PEP funds FULL TIME ACCESS with MS JAFFE in our NEWLY RENOVATED LIBRARY!

Please help us reach our 2018-2019 PEP operating budget of $850,000 by contributing what you can to ensure that our children and their education continue to receive the best that we can offer.



Please give at the amount that is comfortable for your family, every donation is appreciated and used to fund your child's education at Palisades Charter Elementary School.


DONOR $1,750.00

This gift will fully fund one Pali student this year.

LEADER $5,500

This gift will fully fund three Pali students this year.


This gift will fully fund five Pali students this year.



Drop a check made out to “PEP” in the Pali Giving box at the front office or 

mail to :
Palisades Elementary School 
Attention Pali Giving
800 Via De La Paz
Pacific Palisades, CA 90272

Support Pali Giving with a Corporate Match

Did you know many employers have their own program to match – and sometimes double – your family's donation to Palisades Elementary through our Pali Giving Campaign? 

Please check whether your employer participates through this link:

If your company participates, please contact your Human Resources Department or charitable giving program staff for more information on how to get started.   

Every company structures their program a little differently and the Pali Giving team can help provide support by sending in donation verification for your family’s gift to Palisades Elementary – or other forms as needed. 

Please let us know if you are participating in your company’s corporate matching program by submitting your corporate match information below.

Thank you for supporting our school community!


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