PEP needs your financial support to be able to offer valuable programs, bridging the gap between what we get from LAUSD and the cost of educating our students the Pali Elementary way.  Since every student benefits from Pali Giving, we ask every family to participate, giving to their best ability within the 100 days time frame.  We will be working hard to have 100% fundraising participation – after all, we ask our children to give 100% everyday, so let’s all do the same. Click below to see where your donations go...


2016-2017 Pali Giving
Palisades Enrichment Programs ("PEP") annually raises and spends money for Palisades Elementary to enhance the education offered by LAUSD.  The PaliGiving campaign is PEP's largest fundraiser. The money raised pays for full-time instructional teachers, teaching aides, technology, arts, physical education, and much more.  These programs cost PEP about $1,400 per student each year, and we ask each family that is able to give at that level.  We are grateful to the families who give more that their share in support of public education in our community.  Most importantly, we sincerely appreciate and need donations of every amount, and we ask that each family participate in an amount that is meaningful to them.  After all, 100% of Pali children benefit from PEP programs.

  • Platinum: $5,000 per family
  • Gold: $3,000 per family,
  • Silver: $1,400 per student
  • Bronze: Participation in any amount

100% of donations are tax deductible and many employers offer corporate matching which our Pali Giving representatives will help facilitate.

For more information please email your Pali Giving Chairs, Dawn Houston, Ainslie Sugarman, and Liz Denham at

Or, please look for one of your Grade Level Representatives:

  • Kinder: Stephanie Dahlberg and Carrie Nocas
  • 1st: Julie Becker, KC Foster, Carolyn McCarthy, and Diana Syzmanski
  • 2nd: Lindsay Hubbard, Danielle Samulon, and Marnie Schwartz
  • 3rd: Alissa Bartle, Phuong Nguyen, and Karen Watson
  • 4th: Fati Adeli and Sage Grandy
  • 5th: Jeriann Fleming and Yvette Westerholm


Name for Donor Recognition

DONATE OVER 6 MONTHS (includes 2.3% fee)
Name for Donor Recognition

MAIL THE DONATION FORM with a check to the office (or drop it off in the Pali Giving box in the office.)