Volunteering and parent involvement are a key element in the success of our school – we need and depend upon your participation. Please consider volunteering at school activities, in the classroom, with fundraising, or sharing your skills and expertise. Whether it's your time, knowledge, or resources, your contribution, assistance and involvement as a member of our community is vital and valued, and every parent is encouraged to volunteer in some way. All parents (and interested grandparents!) are asked to volunteer by chaperoning school outings, helping on projects at home on your own time, helping in PEP computer classes or working on a school fundraiser or community service event.

PEP volunteers raise money, oversee enrichment programs and participate in parent-sponsored activities to give our children a wonderfully enriched learning environment. Your presence and participation in school activities will be particularly welcomed and appreciated by your children.

See all the different volunteer opportunities available through our many PEP programs

Here are a couple of other important forms that you may need as a Volunteer for PEP: