• Pick-up locations (see map):

    • Kindergarten: Bowdoin Gate

    • 1st grade: Lawn north of the Breezeway

    • 2nd grade: Lawn south of the Breezeway

    • 3rd grade: Auditorium steps

    • 4th grade: Flag pole (by front entrance)

    • 5th grade: Marquee (by front entrance)

  • Do not crowd the Breezeway or Main Entrance steps. This makes it difficult for children to find you and delays pick-up. Please stand back on the sidewalk or curbside grass and allow the Walkers to exit the building and get to their assigned pick-up location before coming to you.

  • Acknowledge your child’s departure with the Walker dismissal teacher.

  • Go to each assigned dismissal area to pick-up multiple children.

  • Entrance to the school grounds through the Side Gate or Breezeway is not allowed during dismissal. If you pick up students on the yard, use the school’s Main Entrance.

  • Students may not climb on trees or the walls at the Main Entrance steps. Please be on time!

  • 10 minutes after the dismissal bell, remaining 1st graders will be taken to the school office and 2nd - 5th graders will join Beyond the Bell.

  • Failure to follow Walker pick-up procedures may result in the loss of Walker pick-up privileges.*
    *Loss of privileges may require student pick-up from the school office.


  • Rainy Day Walker Pick-Up Locations (see map)

    • Kindergartners Assigned classrooms

    • 1st Grade Room 13

    • 2nd Grade Room 4

    • 3rd Grade Room 14

    • 4th Grade Room 2

    • 5th Grade Room 3

Please leave umbrellas outside the Main Entrance or Breezeway before entering the building for pick-up.


In the event of a school wide emergency, such as an earthquake or lock down, please stay calm and do not come to or call the school as staff will not necessarily be able to answer the phones or the door right away. Please wait for a call from the school letting you know that it is safe to come pick-up your child(ren).

Emergency pick-up is a two-step process:

  1. Adults go to the Request Gate (a.k.a. the “Kinder Gate”) at Bowdoin and Swarthmore (see map below). All adults must show a picture ID. School staff will confirm that the picture matches the adult and that the name on the picture ID matches a name on the child’s Emergency Information Card on file with the school. The adult then receives written authorization from the school staff to pick up the child at the Reunion Gate.

  2. As the adult proceeds from the Request Gate to the Reunion Gate at the top of the stairs at Swarthmore and La Cruz (see map below), school staff bring the child to the Reunion Gate. The adult must turn in the written authorization to pick-up the child at the Reunion Gate. The adult and child leave together.

Make certain your Emergency Information Card on file with the school office is accurate.